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Custom Education/Training

Your company has made a large investment in a Contract Management Software Suite.  Are your users and IT staff prepared to use the system as effectively as possible to maximize on the system's capabilities?  Were they trained completely during the implementation, and was all of that information retained?  Are the procedures and approaches taught during implementation still applicable to your current business use and system needs?

Custom Education/Training from Activus Solutions can span from a single, new user of the system to refresher training for a specialized team to full system training for your entire organization.  Contract Management systems are complex and, combined with changing strategies and business priorities, require ongoing and succinct training for users of the system incorporating data and business strategies that they understand - yours.  Too often, generalized training using generic materials and scenarios leaves users scratching their heads when the time comes to process real life data.  In addition, training is often provided so early in the implementation cycle that months have passed before a single user touches the production system.  Are your users ready to do their daily work?

Activus Solutions' training professionals will create a customized training program specific to your needs, your data, and your business.  This process begins with the development of a Training Plan, outlining exactly what you need and want from your training experience.  From there, customized training materials are developed using real life data and scenarios to ensure your users walk away with a clear understanding of the system flow, functionality, and their daily functions.  Our training program utilizes template-based materials to shorten the development time for the customized sessions, thereby reducing cost to you.

Whether you are a new user to a Contract Management system, or a long-standing veteran, Activus Solutions will deliver a training program suited to your needs and structured to deliver new, useful information to help you maximize on your Contract Management system investment. 



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