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Organizational Assessment

Most healthcare corporations have some level of automation within the life cycle of Contract Management. The first step to improving the process is to recognize that there are areas for improvement, and that those improvements will provide a return on investment.

A Organizational Assessment from Activus Solutions can take several forms depending on the needs and goals of the client. We can focus on a specific area that you have identified is in need of improvement, or analyze the entire life cycle of Contract Management within your organization to develop a prioritized list of improvements with a defined goal and return on investment. All processes can be improved. The question that Activus can answer for you is, is it worth the investment?

For example, perhaps currently you have contracts with Managed Care Organizations. You receive data from them on a quarterly basis. You check their claims to make sure the math is correct, and basically pay what was requested. The process can be improved. Prescription data can be validated. Affiliate plan information can be collected to provide more detailed reports for sales and marketing. An automated Managed Care Rebates system could be built or purchased to automate the validation, claim calculation and reconciliation. The data collected can be disseminated within your organization to assist key decision making for senior management. In addition, the contracts themselves can be improved to define the rules of trade more accurately, and monitor adherence to these contractual rules.

Membership Management has been a long-standing issue for our industry in general. Without accurate identification of individual locations, their class of trade, and group affiliations, the Membership Rosters cannot be effectively processed to your membership files to determine who exactly is eligible for any given pricing or rebate scenario. These issues and more affect Government Pricing calculations, which drive into PHS/VA Contracts and the Medicaid process.

You may already have implemented a Contract Management system at a considerable expense. It may be operating successfully. But is it operating efficiently? Are the data feeds accurate? Are all the validations, tolerances and calculations being utilized to their maximum capacity? Is it lacking certain functionality key to a particular business process?

Staffing and organizational structure of your Contract Management team may work for your current processes and systems, but how do you compare to other companies of your size and business model?  Will your current organization work in achieving future goals and strategies?  Activus Solutions brings a wide array of experience and data points to help you understand how you compare to other companies and can help you craft plans for changes to streamline your organization across the gamut of people, processes, and systems to maximize your full potential.

In summary, a full Organizational Assessment examines all Contract Management related processes, systems, and people and delivers an in-depth analysis with recommendations and industry benchmarks on what processes and structures have potential for improvement, how they can be improved, and whether there is strong justification to pursue those improvements. 


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