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Packaged Software Implementation and Upgrades

Once a software package has been selected, the next obvious step is to implement.  It's unlikely you do it yourself without expert advice.  So whom do you choose?

Gartner: Over 80% of projects handled by external organizations fail due to lack of communication.

Our philosophy and methodology is based on communication.  From initial kick-off meetings to establish goals and responsibilities, to regular status meetings and status reporting, milestone tracking, budget tracking, steering committees, escalation processes and change control, and detailed project plans, communication is fundamental.  We cover all avenues to ensure everyone is informed throughout the entire process.  Also note that the larger consulting companies have a tendency to “camp out” once engaged, and to use the opportunity as a training ground for new hires.  The software vendors themselves usually know their software well, but are not incented to discover issues and deal with them.  They want to implement their software and move on.  Activus Solutions does not want to “camp out.”  Indeed, we too wish to implement and move on.  However, we wish to implement correctly and leave the client with a fully functional, documented and operational system.  To ensure this result, we guide you through the implementation using pilots, systems testing, integration and User Acceptance Testing.  The more exposure your users have to the software, the more experience they gain and the more they discover about how it fits into your environment.    

We are totally proficient at integration of the leading software providers’ offerings.  We are impartial, and understand how to navigate the software providers support structure to gain you maximum benefit.  In addition, where there are gaps discovered between the software and your requirements, we can close that gap with effective workarounds, minor customizations or bolt-ons minimizing upgrade issues later.

Once implemented, there are typically patches and upgrades to the software, which should be implemented to keep you up to date.  Activus Solutions has pre-defined processes for handling upgrades including repeatable systems and user testing to ensure minimal impact to production operations when implementing an upgrade.

If not performed correctly, the implementation of the software is likely to be the single most expensive cost element. Also, it can result is high maintenance costs on-going if the right decisions are not made early in the process. 


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