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Packaged Software Selection

At one time or other, each of the three principals of Activus Solutions has worked for a provider of Contract Management software in sales, services and support roles.  Therefore, we are very familiar with the process, and potential pitfalls of acquiring a costly piece of software. 

The process of searching for and acquiring a piece of enterprise software is fraught with hurdles. In the worst case you can expend substantial time and money, and end up with something that does not meet your requirements, potentially making your Contract Management processes less efficient.  Activus Solutions is an impartial advisor.  Although we are familiar with, and have worked with all the major suppliers of Contract Management software, we do not profit by you selecting any particular solution.  Our goal is to manage the process, avoid the pitfalls, cut through the inefficiencies and potential roadblocks, and turn you into a highly educated consumer to ensure that you reach the correct decision for your company that meets your requirements and goals.

Much of the “pain” companies go through during software selection centers around expectations, and incorrect assumptions.  Obviously, a sales force for a software company survives on selling software.  They will emphasize the positives of their software, and will minimize or gloss over the potential negatives.  RFI’s (Requests For Information) are a typical mechanism for performing early evaluation on multiple vendors.  Although this is a valid step in the process, the responses from the software vendors must be interpreted and validated to ensure the correct information is supplied.  In addition, some of your requirements are likely to be fairly complex.  It is unlikely the vendor will completely understand your requirements as they relate to your business, and therefore cannot accurately answer your questions.  Activus Solutions are experts in Contract Management Business Process and Software.  We provide complete assessments of the vendors’ capabilities in terms of their software, support and company viability and history.  

Any piece of commercial software will never meet all your needs.  There will be gaps.  To complete the decision process, knowledge of these gaps and the steps needed to address them is paramount.  If I write a contract with a component that the system cannot handle, what would I do?  What does it take to integrate the software into my enterprise?  How will I handle operational and management reporting if a pre-packaged report does not give me what I need?

As your impartial advisor, Activus Solutions will lead you through the entire process of requirements definition, Contract Analysis, RFI and tabulated and ranked responses, return on investment, vendor demonstrations, integration analysis,  “bake-off’s”, pilots or proof of concepts and final selection.  Based on the selection criteria defined up-front, the appropriate decision will be made, expectations will be set, and an implementation plan will be created for the physical implementation of the software.

Software selection is an important process. Once purchased, you cannot return it for a refund.  Activus Solutions is the only company in existence than can offer this level of expertise specific to Contract Management in the Health Care Industry. 


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