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Packaged Software Support

Maintenance and Support of packaged software typically runs at 18% to 20% of the initial purchase price of the software. Do you get a level of support that matches this fee?

In addition, some software companies write limited term agreements, not perpetual licenses.  This means you pay support/maintenance fees and have to buy the software all over again in a few years.  While the principle of support/maintenance is sound, the level of support actually received can sometimes be disappointing.  Software, by its nature, has defects.  In many cases, its functionality does not keep pace with industry trends.  How often have you called in an enhancement request to your software vendor and received the response that "it will be placed on the enhancements list," never to be seen or heard of again?  Likely it’s been placed on what software companies affectionately call the “future version” enhancement list. 

Activus Solutions offers tailor made support and maintenance packages for the leading Contract Management packaged software to suit your specific needs. Whether you need telephone support with immediate answers to your questions, or on-site support, bug fixes or enhancements, Activus Solutions has a alternative for you, at rates very appealing in comparison to what you normally pay for support and maintenance.

Typically, within 5 years or less, a software company produces an upgraded version of their software, and markets it as a totally new system with some additional bells and whistles. After paying for the software, implementation and support, and having the system running in a production environment, most companies do not want to re-implement a system on a different technology platform without a major, compelling event.  Unfortunately though, the software company emphasis moves to this new product, or potentially a new industry, leaving the customer base with few significant enhancements and sub-standard telephone support while still paying a premium support and maintenance fee.

Quite simply, Activus Solutions can offer better product support for less.


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