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Report Development

Packaged software applications often contain basic reports and reporting capability, but do they fit your needs and those of your customers?  Is the database structure so complex and unintuitive that you do not know where to begin when creating ad hoc or custom reporting?  Do you own a reporting module that is still too complex to comprehend or that leaves you with only half of the information you require for your reporting needs?

Activus Solutions' report developers can deliver the data that you need, in the format you want.  Quite often, "canned" reports provide too little or too much information, and frequently in a layout that is difficult to interpret and understand.  Our business analysts and developers work closely with your staff to determine and document the exact requirements and specifications for your reports, along with the level of "dressing up" that you desire.  The end result is a report with clear data, accurate results, and an appearance that conveys the appropriate level of professionalism and corporate identity.  Appearance no longer has to be sacrificed for function, and you will receive results that you are proud to pass on to your customer base.

Reports can be developed using your reporting tool of choice, so that your internal resources may continue to augment the delivered reports in the future.  Our report developers have knowledge of all standard reporting tools and extensive experience with the leading Contract Management software applications.  This combination allows Activus Solutions to deliver superior results in a fraction of the time typically required for custom report development.

Whether you have new reporting needs, or are looking for better results from existing reports, Activus Solutions has a reporting solution to fill your needs.


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