Contract Management Services for the Life Sciences Industry.


Team Augmentation

Contract Management is strategic, and can be expensive to implement and maintain. Some companies do not have the infrastructure to effectively support its operations, or the experience to manage the process effectively. More than ever, outsourcing some or all of these operations can result in considerable cost savings.

Team Augmentation from Activus Solutions can range from temporary assistance in processing chargebacks and reconciling chargeback disputes, to having us run your entire Contract Management operations.

Backlogs can occur for a number of reasons. Perhaps someone has been out on sick leave, or has left the company. Perhaps the current staff is simply not adequate enough for the tasks at hand. Or perhaps new contracts have been written or acquired. Whatever the reason, untimely processing of payments to your customers or distribution partners can damage relationships and cost you money. Activus Solutions can provide temporary, experienced assistance for reasonable rates to clear the backlog of distributor payments and reconciliations, or rebate requests and payments. Our augmentation staff have done this before, and quite possibly know your contract management system if it is a packaged solution. At the very least, they are experienced with the processes required to complete the task.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are many events in the life of a health care company which can result in temporary or permanent peaks in processing needs. Acquisition of a new product or company is a good example. Perhaps you are planning or already have expanded your product portfolio into a new market segment like managed care. You have no expertise in this area, but have to process your rebate payments. You can simply pay what is requested, but this doesnít give you the ability for operational or management reporting, validations, and may result in overpayment. You may also not have the technical infrastructure to support additional systems. Activus Solutions can provide a complete outsourcing alternative including business and technical support, either short or long term. We provide guarantees for turn-around time, and support levels and define upfront your requirements for reporting on a timely basis. We also provide guarantees for disaster recovery and can custom develop required processes if necessary.

Whatever your team augmentation needs, Activus Solutions can provide a temporary, or permanent cost effective solution for your company.



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